RipIt Quickstart Guide

Start watching your movies anywhere in no time.


Download and launch RipIt if you have not already. RipIt works only on Mac OS X.

Before inserting a DVD in your Mac’s optical drive, make sure the disc is clean and relatively free of scratches. This will ensure reliable rips.


You can rename a movie prior to ripping after RipIt recognizes your DVD.

Clicking Rip will create an identical copy of the disc on your Mac that you can play using the DVD Player application on your Mac.

Clicking Compress will create a smaller video file that you can export to iTunes and sync to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Encoding options are available in RipIt preferences.


It usually takes around a half hour to rip a disc. Compressing a disc will take longer to complete.

By default, RipIt saves ripped discs in the “Movies” folder of your home directory.

Need more information on RipIt? Visit our support pages.