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Summer Music Suite

Tagalicious has just gone through a complete backend makeover and to celebrate the occasion we’ve bundled our favorite music apps together into a massively discounted TLAF Music Suite. Instead of paying $54 for iRip, Tagalicious, and Ringtones, get them all now for only $29.95!

Head on over to the promo page and check it out:

Ringtones now $1.99 on App Store!

For a limited time only, Ringtones is now available on the Mac App Store for only $1.99. This promotion is only here for one month to celebrate Ringtones’ acceptance into this exclusive international community of mac developers, so get it while you can!

Click here to go straight to Ringtones on the Mac App Store: Ringtones MAS

Click here to join the beta Google Group for Ringtones: beta group

Tagalicious on Mac App Store

Last week TLAF was proud to join the myriad of fantastic mac app developers on the Mac OS App Store with Tagalicious. Within this short time, Tagalicious has ascended to the top 4th grossing music app, top 100 general app, and has received thousands of downloads. Click here to checkout Tagalicious directly on the App Store and leave a review if you purchased and enjoyed this product.

To read The Unofficial Apple Weblog’s review of Tagalicious, click here: TUAW

We’ll post here when our other applications debut on the App Store, so keep checking back for news, updates, and promotions.

Coming soon – Tagalicious for Windows

Update: Tagalicious for Windows is out now! Get it here: Download


Many of our Mac based users have been enjoying the simplicity of using Tagalicious to clean up and organize their iTunes music libraries and soon this easy-to-use program will be available for Windows users too!! Tagalicous for Windows is in its last phase of testing and we are making some final adjustments to make sure that everything is in good working condition for then the app will be released. Windows users will be able to download a free trial directly from our website to give Tagalicous a test run. You will need Windows XP,  Vista or 7 in order to download and use the trial. We hope to have Tagalicious for Windows out shortly! Please stay tuned for the official release announcement.

Happy Holidays. iRip 2.0 is here.

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday festivities. To contribute to the excitement, the iRip team has released a complete remake of the award-winning, top iPhone/iPod utility on the market, iRip 2.0! Purchase for $24.95 or upgrade today with your iRip 1.x serial for only $9.95. While the upgrades in this major addition are too numerous to list them all, here are some of the notable changes:

  • updated UI for better user experience/ease-of-use
  • faster and more efficient photo transfer than iphoto
  • book synching
  • quick device switching
  • one click recovery
  • videos, music, podcasts, playlists all included in backup
  • automatic recovery
  • music sampling

Download iRip 2.0 today to try for free: here

Grappler 1.0 Released!

Grappler 1.0 joins the crew today from your ever hard-working developers at TLAF. Head on over to the grappler page and check out this fantastic new application in action. In the era of grooveshark, youtube, vimeo and countless other media repositories, it has never been so necessary for an app that can simultaneously bring them all together and give the freedom back to you, the user.

With grappler, you can download music and videos from virtually any source on the web all within an efficient, one-window interface. Type in any URL and grappler will scan the source for videos, allowing you to download them onto your Mac for future viewing. If you don’t have a source URL, type in a keyword and grappler will scour the web to find what you’re looking for.

Check out the Macstories review of grappler here.

Grappler is available today to try for free and only $19.95 to buy!!

TLAF Software Passport

The Little App Factory is proud to present our newest product bundle, the TLAF Software Passport. No longer pick and choose which applications you can afford at the moment; purchase TLAF Software Passport today for an incredible 47% off and receive a serial for every Little App Factory application.

Consistent with our mission here at TLAF, we’ve made it even easier and more affordable to use these useful tools. The $49.26 TLAF Software Passport includes: iRip, RipIt, Ringtones, Tagalicious, and Rivet. Purchase today for yourself or as a gift to someone for the coming holidays.

Betalicious no more

TagaliciousTagalicious joined our ranks this morning with its v1.0 release along with countless minor bug fixes, ease of use additions, UI improvements, and lyrics tagging. If you haven’t already downloaded Tagalicious, head on over and pick up the trial. Don’t leave your abused, untagged, naked music to rot forever in the hellish bowels of your misused iTunes library.

A Riveting Release


Time to start clearing up space on your iDevices folks, because Rivet for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is here! The confluence of Rivet and the iDevices begins a new model in media accessibility.

Rivet for iPhone!

Rivet allows you to stream all the movies and music on your Mac directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch! (iPad coming soon)

Video Formats

Stream videos from your Mac to your device in the following formats:

  • AVI
  • MPEG-4, Part II
  • H.264
  • DivX
  • WMV

Ease of Use

  • Built for speed: seamlessly stream media to your iDevice without having to physically connect and synchronize to your Mac.
  • Quickly select folders on your Mac to share or stream directly to your iTunes library.
  • Organize your media: shared folders and subfolders are replicated exactly; no more flat lists!
  • iLife integration: Rivet delves into your iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture libraries to make setup quick and simple.
  • Automatic mirroring: any changes you make on your Mac are instantly visible and accessible on your console.
  • Intuitive interface to quickly navigate and access your media

Tagalicious is born!

We’re happy to announce a working public beta of our iTunes-fixer, Tagalicious.

It’s the perfect app to cleanup all of the mislabeled tracks you may have lying around, and it even fixes album art too! Go grab a copy here.