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In Memoriam

Thanks for bringing the future closer, Steve.

TGIF – RipIt Promo – Tagalicious Update

If you’ve been on the fence about buying RipIt, we’re running a promotion all weekend for 20% or $5 off the price. Use coupon code: RIPIT0729 during checkout to collect the savings and get to backing up your media! (RipIt is compatible with Lion)

Many of you, along with all of us at TLAF, are frustratedly awaiting the release of Tagalicious 1.5.2 on the Mac App Store. It has been nearly 22 days since we initially submitted the app for review and we have been bombarded with rejections for increasingly fatuous reasons. Currently, we are in the final stages of our approval and are expecting a positive result any day now. We love Apple, we just wish the process were less arduous and more forthcoming.

For some more insight into the process and how obscure many of the intricacies are, here is an article, reposted by John Gruber, detailing another company’s experience with App Store hurdles: Daring Fireball

Closing the curtain on Rivet

There comes a time when the end of a product’s lifespan becomes apparent. Rivet has been a great application for a niche of our loyal users and we are very sad to see it go, but the signs have been there for awhile. With hardware and software changing so drastically in the last couple years, it has been a constant game of cat and mouse to continue to keep Rivet operational. To succeed in this feat, The Little App Factory would have to cease continuing to develop new and innovative software for the future.

We realize this will not be a popular move for many of our customers and we have spent a long time in deliberation to arrive at this decision. It is very hard to see the end of a popular product that we’ve poured our blood, sweet and tears into, but this also marks a step forward for us. We will now be able to devote more time to bringing you products that you will love. If you’ve purchased Rivet within the last 60 days, we will be able to refund you the entire cost. Please write into so that we may process your refund as soon as possible.

Even though Rivet will no longer be for sale, we will be hosting a free-to-use version with no registration requirement. Alternatively, below is a list of products, both free and paid, that function similarly to Rivet.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write in and tell us how you feel at

Tagalicious stability on Lion – Update

Please be aware that the newest version of Mac OS, Lion, is being released on July 20th. All stability fixes for this update have already been submitted to Apple and are currently awaiting approval. We have no control over this process and Tagalicious 1.5.1 will be unsupported and unstable on Lion until this update is made live by Apple. If you have purchased a copy of Tagalicious on our website and not within the Mac App Store, and have updated to Tagalicious 1.5.2 from within the software or by downloading the latest version on our website, you will be able to continue using Tagalicious without interruption.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and anticipate a speedy fix. We strive to always keep our software up-to-date and provide the best user experience. Unfortunately, Tagalicious has received considerable push-back from music publishers when we attempted to resolve stability and crashing issues, requiring the removal of lyric support in its current implementation.

We will continue to update you via this blog as well as on Twitter @lilappfactory when we have more information.

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@lilappfactory is giving away three Apple TVs this week to celebrate our release of Tagalicious for Windows. Follow us and mention @lilappfactory in any of your tweets to enter the giveaway!

PCs get Tagalicious lovin’ too

With Tagalicious receiving such a warm welcome on the Mac App Store and Apple giving us a headline (see left), we thought it was only fair to bring the same quality of product to our PC-wielding brethren (see below).

If you’re currently using Windows, you can now enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with a happily tagged music database. Let Tagalicious do all the heavy lifting for you in finding your album artwork, lyrics, song name, album name, and much more with high-tech audio-fingerprinting. Once Tagalicious listens to your songs and identifies them using a database of more than 100 million songs and 400,000 artists, you get to sit back and enjoy a complete music experience.

Get Tagalicious now for the limited-time, promotional price of $14.99!


Tagalicious #1 Music App on App Store

Tagalicious hit #1 top paid music application on the Mac App Store yesterday and we couldn’t be happier.

If you’re missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on this celebratory price, head over to Tagalicious on the App Store and get it for only $9.99. This price is a special promotion; limited-time only!


Summer Music Suite

Tagalicious has just gone through a complete backend makeover and to celebrate the occasion we’ve bundled our favorite music apps together into a massively discounted TLAF Music Suite. Instead of paying $54 for iRip, Tagalicious, and Ringtones, get them all now for only $29.95!

Head on over to the promo page and check it out:

Ringtones now $1.99 on App Store!

For a limited time only, Ringtones is now available on the Mac App Store for only $1.99. This promotion is only here for one month to celebrate Ringtones’ acceptance into this exclusive international community of mac developers, so get it while you can!

Click here to go straight to Ringtones on the Mac App Store: Ringtones MAS

Click here to join the beta Google Group for Ringtones: beta group