TGIF – RipIt Promo – Tagalicious Update

If you’ve been on the fence about buying RipIt, we’re running a promotion all weekend for 20% or $5 off the price. Use coupon code: RIPIT0729 during checkout to collect the savings and get to backing up your media! (RipIt is compatible with Lion)

Many of you, along with all of us at TLAF, are frustratedly awaiting the release of Tagalicious 1.5.2 on the Mac App Store. It has been nearly 22 days since we initially submitted the app for review and we have been bombarded with rejections for increasingly fatuous reasons. Currently, we are in the final stages of our approval and are expecting a positive result any day now. We love Apple, we just wish the process were less arduous and more forthcoming.

For some more insight into the process and how obscure many of the intricacies are, here is an article, reposted by John Gruber, detailing another company’s experience with App Store hurdles: Daring Fireball

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