Tagalicious stability on Lion – Update

Please be aware that the newest version of Mac OS, Lion, is being released on July 20th. All stability fixes for this update have already been submitted to Apple and are currently awaiting approval. We have no control over this process and Tagalicious 1.5.1 will be unsupported and app developer company unstable on Lion until this update is made live by Apple. If you have purchased a copy of Tagalicious on our website and not within the Mac App Store, and have updated to Tagalicious 1.5.2 from within the software or by downloading the latest version on our website, you will be able to continue using Tagalicious without interruption.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and anticipate a speedy fix. We strive to always keep our software up-to-date and provide the best user experience. Unfortunately, Tagalicious has received considerable push-back from music publishers when we attempted to resolve stability and crashing issues, requiring the removal of lyric support in its current implementation.

We will continue to update you via this blog as well as on Twitter @lilappfactory when we have more information.

Posted July 18th, 2011 in Uncategorized.

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