Happy Holidays. iRip 2.0 is here.

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday festivities. To contribute to the excitement, the iRip team has released a complete remake of the award-winning, top iPhone/iPod utility on the market, iRip 2.0! Purchase for $24.95 or upgrade today with your iRip 1.x serial for only $9.95. While the upgrades in this major addition are too numerous to list them all, here are some essays-writing-for-me.com of the notable changes:

  • updated UI for better user experience/ease-of-use
  • faster and more efficient photo transfer than iphoto
  • book synching
  • quick device switching
  • one click recovery
  • videos, music, podcasts, playlists all included in backup
  • automatic recovery
  • music sampling

Download iRip 2.0 today to try for free: here

Posted February 2nd, 2011 in Uncategorized.

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